Unidentified Noise

11.5.2013 :: prvý album kapely Ugandské Netopiere














01 Angels, Devils - Making Love (3:43) :: music: Marys :: lyrics: Marys

02 Dance of Dark Butterflies (2:48) :: music: Marys :: lyrics: Marys

03 Pieces of Living Things (3:23) :: music: Marys :: lyrics: Marys

04 Romantika v Rozklade (2:41) :: music: Marys :: lyrics: Marys

05 Valse till Death (3:10) :: music: Romanko :: lyrics: Marys

06 Frozen Swan (4:02) :: music: Marys :: lyrics: Marys

07 Oxymoron (2:37) :: music: Marys :: lyrics: Marys

08 Sunlight (2:33) :: music: Marys :: lyrics: Marys

09 Always (3:05) :: music: Qcko :: lyrics: Qcko

10 In Row (3:54) :: music: Marys :: lyrics: Marys

11 Hope (3:22) :: music: Romanko :: lyrics: Marys

12 Us (3:24) :: music: Romanko/Marys :: lyrics: Qcko

Bonus: Glasses of Rain :: music: Marys :: lyrics: Marys

Album text:

Born from a cave's ashes on the 20th of March 2010 Ugandské Netopiere struggled in searching for their own face. Consisted of three initial members - Marys, Romanko and Qcko - the band was trying hard to find the way what kind of music to play. A few solutions came by the end of 2010 when two new members appeared - Tia and Aďo. Netopiere crystallized their alternative style, started creating their own songs what resulted in their first public concert on the 28th of October 2011. Since then they have played several concerts and beside some ups and downs they decided to create their own album. Now you are listening to the result of almost half a year effort from the rehearsal room that turned into the very first album called Unidentified Noise on the 11th of May 2013.


(C) 2013 Ugandské Netopiere

Tento album bol skomponovaný, nahraný a vydaný na vlastné náklady kapely Ugandské Netopiere v Beluši. Celý obsah albumu ako aj obal albumu sú vlastníctvom kapely Ugandské Netopiere.



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